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  1. 24 points for diploma, out of a possible 45, no? You can take HL for any class, and SL for any class? I know I want to take 4 HL and 2 SL. Pick your worst two subjects for SL? Or what?
  2. Sorry. Please delete.
  3. I just moved to a school with IB, I'm currently a Sophomore in Pre-IB, with a few IB and AP classes. Taking IB Pre-Calculus and it's not that bad at all. I'm a straight A student. What's the difference between Higher Level and Standard Level, what requirements are needed to be in a HL class? Does IB have any requirements as to which classes are HL and which are SL? What's the final requirement for the IB Diploma? I just feel so lost when people try explaining it to me. Thanks for any help ^.^
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