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  1. Wait, what kind of sprinkles are you talking about here? (The stuff you put on fairy bread or light rain?)
  2. Found this! https://store.ibo.org/IBP-Catalog.pdf The Questionbanks are really expensive, though.
  3. I think that, if you already know the course content, past papers and the Questionbank questions give you an idea of the types of questions and the structure of the questions that are usually asked. I think you can still use past papers for Maths revision for this reason. I don't see why it wouldn't be morally acceptable; they should be available for purchase from the IBO (although I think they might have closed their online store).
  4. Granted, but everyone knows about it and you start getting hounded by the media and the government. I wish that I could teleport.
  5. It's actually more expensive for taxpayers to pay for the death penalty (in western countries) than to keep someone in jail for the rest of their natural life, so less money would be able to be allocated to things like education or eradicating poverty. There is also possible emotional damage to the executioner(s). Furthermore, I don't think the death penalty is a good deterrent as criminal activity actually occurs at higher rates in places with the death penalty, and removing the death penalty has not prompted an increase in criminal activity. Why do crimes occur, anyway? People committed crim
  6. The Importance of Being Earnest is an awesome play. (It's an Oscar Wilde play). Your class's book choices are great! I really enjoyed reading 1984 (not as part of school, but just for fun) and I just loved Streetcar (we studied this for IB English). I haven't read any of the other books, but I might start The Great Gatsby once the exams are over.
  7. How do you plan to define 'society'? Which society? You'll need to consider your topic from a number of angles, so it shouldn't have a clear answer, and you'll also need to explain how we used to live in a male-dominated society. (Personally, I would say yes, we still do.)
  8. Granted, but the IB is not recognised any of the unis/colleges you want to go to. I wish that I could fly. Edit: Forgot to add my wish!
  9. Congratulations everybody! I hope you all did well. Now I'm just going to go and freak out in the corner because November 2013 is coming. AHHHHHHH!
  10. The existence of a death penalty is unlikely to reduce crimes or curb crime completely as the number of crimes being committed is actually lower and reducing, on average, in areas that do not have the death penalty in comparison to those that do. In my opinion, "impaling, brazen bull, or rat torture" is completely abhorrent and inhumane even when somebody has committed a heinous crime, and should not be practiced by anybody, let alone a government or legal system.
  11. What counts as literature? I define literature as creative writing with some sort of artistic value so I would say that The Hunger Games is a piece of literature--whether or not it has long-lasting influence on society or the literary world. Actually, my school studies (or at least they used to study) Holes, although not in the IB program.
  12. The university campuses are generally open all year round, although classes might not be running. You should check university open day times--I think some of them are in June.
  13. It also depends, to an extent, on what you define as an "extraterrestrial creature"--perhaps living organisms exist in other parts of the universe, but are not self-aware. The best answer to your question is 'perhaps, perhaps not'.
  14. If you don't think you'll be able to cook that much food, you could try the following suggestions! Recruit people to help cook with you (ie. friends, family). Hire caterers (if that's too expensive, you can ask attendees to chip in, eg. a $5 entry fee.) Make it a BYO party and ask your guests to bring a plate of food. You can just provide drinks, cutlery, etc. (and perhaps some extra food), as well as a large table(s) to hold the food.Personally, I would recommend making it an after-dinner party and providing a large amount of party food and snacks which you can buy instead of cook. If you a
  15. Firstly, a single example of a girl becoming pregnant is not sufficient enough to support the idea youth are becoming "weak-minded". Not all teenagers become pregnant, and pregnancy and childbirth may be the result of a lack of sexual education or the failure of birth control measures. Birth control can fail for adults as well. Furthermore, how do you decide what moral values are best, and what types of people are "morally devoid"? In the past, 15 year olds did marry and have children as this was socially acceptable. I do not understand what you mean by "Personality Development Classes", but I
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