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  1. TZ1 was so rough, literally everyone in my class thought so
  2. Those are my best questions lol, like I can't do questions about what political events lead up to the outbreak of World War I, but I can talk forever about the theory of why women didn't advance due to their roles in the war.
  3. I did Topic 1, I think question 3, about the role of women in two twenty-first century wars. We spent an entire semester on Topic 1, so I was really disappointed in the fact that there was literally only one question that we had prepared for significantly enough that I could write a whole essay about it. Almost all of my classmates did the same essay. For Topic 3, I did question 14(?) about how policies in two authoritarian states eliminated internal resistance, using China under Mao and Russia under Stalin as my examples.
  4. Definitely not an expert, but I took the same test today and my teachers who have prepared me very well always told me to put a counterclaim, so I'm pretty sure that that's what they mean by contrasting views
  5. Paper one I surprisingly felt okay about, paper two (option D, object oriented programming) was awful but I blame my teacher for that more than anything
  6. Today I finally got to talk to my counselor, and she won't let me take HL Music Theory because I'm not as involved in music as she would like. So my options right now are basically HL Computer Science or HL Art. I'm so-so at science and math, and I'm not good at memorization. I feel like HL Art would be something that I'm good at, but I don't know if it would look bad to colleges because I haven't done anything art-related in high school and I don't plan on majoring in art at university. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Thank you so much for your advice!! I'll definitely keep it in mind
  8. So up until recently, I fully intended to take Biology HL as my only HL course that I could choose to take. I've never been much of a science person, but as my only other option was Music Theory HL I thought that it would be best to take biology. However, everybody's been telling me that music theory is so much easier than biology, and I was wondering what everybody else thinks? I didn't do super well in pre-IB biology, and I have had music training. I'm no longer in piano, but I did take lessons for five years and took several music theory tests. I didn't do super well on them, but then
  9. I have a question as to how they assign 7s, 6s, etc. on IB tests....is there a set score range that you need to achieve in order to get a 7, or is there a bell curve in which only a certain number of people are assigned 7s, and a specific number of people are assigned 6s, etc.?
  10. (assuming that this was meant for me...) Always ^.^
  11. I wish I was a DNA helicase enzyme so I could unzip your genes I wish I was adenine because then I'd get paired with U If I was endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me; smooth or rough? If your right leg is the cell wall and your left leg the membrane, can I be the cytoplasm? (studying for my biology end-of-course exam right now, haha) You're like a dictionary: you add meaning to my life Baby, you're so gneiss I could never take you for granite
  12. Bottled Dance or theater?
  13. Yum....but Coca Cola is better Papaya
  14. Yum....as long as it is sweetened Dill pickles
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