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  1. So was it just me that found these two papers extremely difficult compared to the previous years or was IB being a bitch? If the latter, tell me to get my hopes up for the 7 boundary. P3 was awesome.
  2. Yes, however, talking about the difficulty is indeed referencing the content. Basically, it's not worth risking your diploma over it, so you may just want to wait until tomorrow for all discussion :| Now you're scaring me dude.. I wasn't aware of such a rule.
  3. I thought talking about the content of the exam was considered inappropriate? :\
  4. Do the quotes that we bring in from the work we're analyzing count in the word count? I hope not. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi. I'm doing my math portfolio on some exponential and logistic models of population growth, yet the one difficulty that I've been facing is that I can't get hold of some proper CONSECUTIVE population statistics. By consecutive I mean statistics of a city for e.g. 2066,2007,2008,2009... and not 2006,2011,2012... Currently I have access to some worthless statistics that are not for consecutive years and I'd appreciate it if anyone could introduce a source that would have proper records of any major city in the world. Thank you.
  6. Nima

    Math IA. Suggestions?

    Try looking up the concept of Golden Ratio followed by Apple in all their products.
  7. Experiencing the same problem lol. Have researched for ~12 hours and can't find ****.
  8. How are you planning to get your Internal Assessment corrected?
  9. I've done that...No results unfortunately...
  10. i suggest you work on market failure.. you should look up various words instead of these economic terms.. look for various demerit goods.. type in cigarettes or something like that.. and then look for articles related to those.. you'll find some externalities or something like that. Hmm.. Thanks yo, Gonna give this a shot. Hope it works out.
  11. Well hello, To put it out direct and brief, I've been looking for a topic on every site that you can imagine, and couldn't even find anything relevant (I can't use BBC by the way, since I've used it for my Macro). I've searched up the following terms and was unsuccessful: Price controlPrice MechanismMarket equilibriumExternalityNegative ExternalityMarket failureNow what I suspect is a problem originating from the way I'm searching this up since I literally couldn't find an article even worth reading until the end. Help is appreciated in advance.
  12. Creativity: Online web forum for our school's IB community and few hours contributed to making an announcement poster for it. Action: Football / Ping Pong / Muay Thai Service: Helping a charity center with computer works, food arrangements in food events that are concerned with donations to the charity, teaching the making of cotton bracelets to mentally backward teenagers.
  13. One advice. Make schedules for everything and always think the deadlines you set for yourself are REALLY deadlines that you cannot neglect. Besides that, start your projects as soon as possible. And oh, read lots literature novels, ask your teachers for the ones which are useful for you and finish 'em as soon as possible.
  14. Thanks for your concerns I will read both of these books, starting with Far From the Madding Crowd first since I've seen successful EE's with good marks that compared two works of the same writer. I was searching through Spark Notes for the past hour and one interesting thing I've found was that both Shakespeare and Hardy somehow had deterministic points of views who believed that the forces controlling the human life was not in human hands. What do you think about a comparison between how/whether Macbeth and Henchard both/each face a tragic downfall that results from their fates? Or do they
  15. Well hello there. I've been doing a lot of works regarding my Extended Essay lately. To give you a brief, decided to first work on Social and Cultural Anthropology and investigate Japan's suicide problems (meh...) which I could not come up with any "self-reflected" sort of ideas concerning that topic. I then decided to write something in Language A1, Cat 3 (Since I like linguistics, yet I have to mention I've had no talents of some special sort or anything at it hehe), and decided to work on some Language and Thought ideas concerning Linguistic Relativity (Sapir-Whorf) and etc...Again, unsucce
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