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  1. Found it lovely! Did options E and F and the questions were all straight forward and nice. Very happy with how is went in comparison to the others, especially as I thought those were decent.
  2. You don't know how happy I am that you said that. Nobody else in my class seems to have used flashbulb memory and it worried me a little. I'm glad somebody else did. i also mentioned flashbulb memories on the cognitive 22 marks! you mean for TZ2 right? I do mean TZ2! I'm glad that I hadn't completely messed up and was meant to do schema or something like most of my class did.
  3. You don't know how happy I am that you said that. Nobody else in my class seems to have used flashbulb memory and it worried me a little. I'm glad somebody else did.
  4. I actually really loved the question - my class all said we were in awe when we saw question 3 as it was what we had done for our mock. I ended up doing the light and sound question with Streetcar (Williams) and Black Comedy (Shaffer). Couldn't have asked for a better question really.
  5. The IB are very tough about their questions. I would imagine that it would be a waste of time if you used more, as I cannot see them giving you marks for the third knowledge area (even if your points are brilliant). They obviously believe that two is the amount that is needed to answer the question in enough depth.
  6. Connaitre


    Find some real IB text books and essay question with high marks and read through these. This will help you to go through formatting of a general psychology essay and give you some basic knowledge (I particularly suggest looking at the HL Paper 3 for Psych knowledge requirements because validity and general evaluations are something which will be hugely relevant in your EE) Also have a look at the topic "Biological Levels of Analysis" giving you some ideas about brain localisation, which will be handy when talking about dreams. I'd say it is definitely important to try to remember that we don
  7. Have a look at the IB command terms for psychology and see if any of those look like something you'd be interested in answering. This will help you to know which way you want to write the essay. I like the overall idea; although there are some sociocultural factors that might be interesting to investigate. Have you studied relationship psychology? If not, there's some really interesting bits about violence on the syllabus which might be some good starting points.
  8. You only have to write your EE in Spanish if you choose it as your topic. I have a friend fluent in Hebrew but as his essay was about Physics, he did it in English!
  9. I can't speak for anywhere outside of my home country but here they only request higher maths if you want to do physics, maths or some parts of chemistry. Overall though, I wouldn't say to drop down just yet! I don't know a single person who didn't do deadfully on their first maths exam, it's just getting used to the questions. If you keep practicing with past papers and exam questions then you will probably be able to succeed in your next test and not need to move to SL!
  10. If you are in the UK, and want to do something physics-y related (I.e. Physics, Chemical Physics, Engineering) you will need HL physics. This is because you need HL physics to go to most decent universities here and take those subjects. Many people are speaking of a credit system, but we simply do not have that for our applications in the same way. Considering looking into some universities and think of courses you may be interesting in, and look at their requirements. The best thing to do is to use the search facility on UCAS!
  11. My best advice to you would be to not include Islamic Knowledge. It's a lot harder to do a good essay with religious views as it's harder to find counter arguments. If you think you can manage though, great!
  12. Stats! The chi-squared test was invented for genetics.
  13. I'd say this experiment is a bit too difficult to control everything for, although I can't think of any way to improve it. :/
  14. My college others (Both Hl/Sl) French, Spanish, and German. For Ab Initio they offer Italian, Russian and Mandarin
  15. My name is Hannah-Jade so it's the first two letters from each part of my name.
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