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  1. I'm taking both, and both are relatively easy as long as you have some commitment to them. No regrets.
  2. I think you could put both, and just explain the different theories involved with each?
  3. Hello everyone! For anyone in ESS, I was wondering what case studies I should study for? Everything in the text book or? Thank you in advance! All the best to everyone studying for 2014 exams
  4. Hello everyone! Looking at the criteria it tells me I need organisation, personal engagement etc. I was wondering what the purpose of the exploration is though. Is it to take a math theory and apply it directly to my own life in a self-conducted experiment, or to go through a mathematical concept step by step and relate it personally? Is there any specific structure that it must follow? Does it need citations? Thank you in advance!
  5. That is abnormal, definitely check it out with your school.
  6. Hello! I'm doing my Written Task 2 on media analysis. I just had a quick question. Am I allowed to base it on two similar adverts, or must I base it on one? What are the restrictions? Also, apparently this advert was a parody. If I mention that and go into detail about why someone would make a parody of it, would this advert be usable? Thank you everyone in advance, hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy holiday!
  7. Shame! I remember feeling that way too. Just take it easy, and try to do the best you can do. It will definitely get easier, once you become more accustomed to the workload. And try to enjoy it anyhow! IB is really not much different from regular courses, you just have different assignments I believe. All the best! It's just two more years of high school!
  8. Hello! There are several students in my school that do both ESS and Bio just to fill up their credentials If you're not going to pursue a Science course in Uni/not interested in Science then I would choose ESS. ESS is more interactive and hold alot of disussions concerning rhino horn trafficking for example.
  9. First 4 are just to chill: 1. Old Pine = Ben Howard 2. Keep your Head Up = Ben Howard 3. Dog Days are Over = Florence and the Machine 4. I dare you to move = Switchfoot 5. Put that ass to work - LMFAO (for late night TOK essays)
  10. No specific format, such as MLA, footnotes, APA, Chicago style, etc is required. You're free tTho do the one most comfortable to you. Just pick one way to reference, follow all its rules, and stick with that for your paper. Thank you.
  11. So I'm guessing there is no specific format needed?
  12. I wish I could have taken Psychology + Literature + Film. None of these are offered at my school.
  13. Wow! Good for y'all. I speak English, Korean, not-so-fluent French and just understand a little Shona. Yay!
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