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  1. I already did that. After reviewing the work, their committee decided that I had done enough to warrant that punishment. A comma effed up 2 months worth of hard work and headaches.
  2. Me neither, and I too believe it to be a tad bit harsh. I copied 20 words out of 1550. I took them because they were elegantly summing up my arguements. I forgot to put the quotation marks and the next thing I know, this happens.
  3. Thanks a lot. But at this moment, I have been sincerely humbled. I wish I could've done better. But I guess it just wasn't. Next time I'll use this to actually do better. Thanks for your words of encouragement English A1 SL - 5 Hindi SL - 6 Math HL - 5 Physics HL - 6 ITGS - 5 Chemistry - 5 EE ITGS - A TOK - E (Academic Infringement because I forgot the put Quotation Marks. Did Cite it though. Hence got 0 in TOK Essay.)
  4. Got 33. Absolutely Devastated. Congrats to everyone. Have a great future ahead guys! Dax Out.
  5. I got Interval to be Convergent for +1, divergent for -1
  6. I thought it was hard as well. Messed up a bit, but Section B was amazing I think. Overall not too bad but not good either. I with you guys, I'm scared as well!
  7. Hindi SL, Felt both the papers were pretty good. Paper 2 did have some weird topics per say, but they weren't all that bad!
  8. English has always been a tough Subject. But there is relatively easier grading because each answer is unique. I say in contrast to how the other papers have been coming, English wasn't so bad!
  9. I think we should not worry about the grade boundaries. The Grade Boundaries might drop to a lower one if it was hard for everyone, so I think everyone should take that into account as well!
  10. I'm not even joking, I spent the first 20 Minutes just reading the paper. I was soo taken aback by the paper. Question 9 had Easy Thermodynamics at first but then the flip side contained what hell forgot to let loose. I'm surprised a lot of people didn't do the Electricity And the SHM Question. It was probably the easiest of the Batch. unless you understand EPCC.
  11. Paper 2 TZ2 Question 8 or something From Prose: Fiction and other Short Stories. - About how events drive characterization. Huck Finn and Things Fall Apart. It was a pleasant surprise when I first say the question!
  12. I found it was average. Certainly gave off a different vibe than previous papers. I did the SHM and the Electricity Option. I got through the entire paper and didn't think so much of the difficulty. I certainly found that Thermodynamics (Topic I love) and Mechanics (Topic I don't Understand) was the most alluring and deadly combo!
  13. Oh ****. I thought the Poetry was ridiculous. Chose the Prose. Although it may have been due to the fact that I prefer Prose over Poetry. But the Prose this time was pretty sneaky with the undertones and stuff!
  14. I was also thinking that this could also mean more creative books/ideas for the materials because of the lack of the Print Handicap, hence the quality of the material would also increase. Plus, the publishing house also has workers in their print media department, who are skilled and could probably transfer over to the digital department and book to ebook conversion department with little training. Giving them better working conditions and better pay (After a while though), which will then help solve the labor problem
  15. Hey Guys, could someone tell me how to do the Poisson Distribution Question in Section A of Paper 2 TZ1 2013 May? Thanks!
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