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  1. "Further Math" Dear god, they're trying to kill us. I mean, I though SL Math was bad enough...
  2. Yep. Got accepted to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver already - yay for hometown college! Next poster wouldn't be caught dead in UGGs.
  3. No offense, but getting all As in IB isn't really a realistic goal. Put your energy towards your diploma score - say, "I want a 40 on my diploma - how will I get there?" Also, I suggest that you only take one math course and that you drop physics. You don't want to kill yourself with work - you want to do well, right? Make it a little easier for yourself! Good luck!
  4. I tend to make lists of the important facts - ie. Causes of WWI, Results of WW1 - and annotate them with additional critical analyses. That may or may not help - I'm in the same boat as you! What your paper three on? (Mine's East Asia)
  5. i think they take the average points poeple have, and then base that number as a 4 or a 5 The IB doesn't use bell curves... they mark it through methodology, to see if you've got the right idea
  6. Aright, people, I'm on the final revision of my ToK IA (topic 1, in case you're curious). My question is: in TOK, is it best to explicitly state your thesis as in history or english, or not? ie. would i say, "making ethical judgements that block the creation of knowledge is never justified" - or would I present my arguments and assume that the marker will figure it out? It makes for a less dumbed-down read the second way, but with the IB you never know...
  7. I tend to use MLA format... no idea about Psychology... and in-text or footnotes is up to you. I use in-text because it's easier to keep track of, but plenty of people use footnotes as well.
  8. citationmachine.net basically this website will give you everything you need to know about citing. Page numbers are important in English or other languages, not so much in History papers. Good luck!
  9. Britannia Secondary School, British Columbia, Canada *woot woot* May 2014...
  10. We're using the Oxford textbook for calculus, which is excellent for explanations, but not for excercises. I'd suggest that your IB coordinator signs you up for http://app.ibmaths.com, which has some really excellent excercises. It does cost your coordinator a bit of money, but I'd say that it's worth it.
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