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  1. Well, it's not a word, but a misused phrase that is so shockingly prevalent it drives me up the wall. "I could care less". Grrrr..... people just need to read what they write. The tiniest amount of analytic capabilities would allow them to realise they've given their sentence the opposite meaning of what they intended.
  2. I'm going to be honest, your first paragraph just sounds like pseudo-science to me. Can you cite some research to back this up? I'm almost certain the vast majority of people are better off with 6 hours sleep than 4 hours.
  3. To be honest, I'm not even convinced you'll lose any points, as long as it's clear which answer you "erased" ("tippxed", whatever)and which you want answered. I've read subject reports where the examiners mention they had to mark papers in P2 Chemistry, Section B, where you have to answer on your own paper, but the students wrote on the sheet (which had practically no room). They said it made it very difficult to mark or something, so they probably lost marks if the examiner couldn't read it, but I didn't get the impression they deducted points gratuitously just for "breaking the rules". They
  4. Probably the hardest part of my 2-year IB experience. More stressful for me than exams. It's just like doing your paper 1, only instead of getting 2 hours (1 and a half for SL) and getting to write your thoughts down with care and precision and thought, you get 20 mins to prepare (is it 20? I can't remember) and you have to stumble and mumble your way through 15 mins of, in my case, complete incoherence....mine was a disaster. =(
  5. It feels weird....I feel like I should be studying right now, I have some subconscious guilt about just surfing the web. Oh well, I'll get over it in a few days, an then I'll be ecstatic =)
  6. Sets, relations & groups was also one of the easier exams I've seen. The problem is, when an exam is hard, I feel bad, because I did badly. But when an exam is easy, I also feel bad, because I realise everyone else would have found it easy too, and so the grade boundaries go up..... it's a circle of misery.....
  7. I respect Shep Smith: "We're American, we don't **** in torture."-note, this was not a denial, but an imperative for the future. But yeah, apart from him, they're all loons. Fortunately, as old people die, so will Fox news.
  8. For TZ2: Paper 1 was not too bad, probably slightly harder than 2008 but I was happy because I'd studied hard, did pretty well. Paper 2 was the silliest exam I've ever taken. I felt section A was perhaps slightly harder than usual (though maybe it's my fault, I'm no good at probability and, especially permutation combination stuff), but section B, well, what can you say when you instantly lose 17 marks? And waste 5 minutes figuring out what they were asking in the ridiculous circle diagram. And drawing (not sketching, drawing) the silly graph that just wasted more time for little points. I we
  9. Well, like you said, can your model be applied to other elevators? Is it limited to use in mine shafts, or could you use the model in skyscrapers and office buildings, or to do so, how much would you have to modify it? Is it limited to this one mine shaft, or could it be used for different ones, at different depths? Things like that, I think you'll find enough to talk about.
  10. Ha, well, the IB has neither convinced me that knowledge can't be objective, nor that all opinions are equal... nor do I feel that it has tried to. But anyway, the guy is a class-A nutjob. He's trying to convince us the IB learner profile is some sort of doctrine? I finish school in a week and a bit, and I can't name one of these "learner profile" things. I think if I were American, I'd be getting really sick of these people who decide they have the authority to dictate what "American values" are. As if there can really be such a thing in such a diverse place. And I'm certain the majority of A
  11. Why can't those of us in TZ2 discuss our exams? I want to complain about Math HL P2. Anyone else just do it? It was absolutely devastating. P1 was easy, but they seemed to make up for it by creating the absolutely most ridiculous P2 I've ever seen. It was miles, miles, miles harder than previous years, (and I just did May 08 TZ1 and 2, and Nov 08 the day before as practice). My math grade just dropped by several points, I'm sure. Sadistic exam creators.
  12. No, not worth it. Edit: obviously that was a joke. But just out of interest, where does the subscription money go/ what does it go towards? Maintaining the site and stuff or....?
  13. OK yup, sounds like a more reasonable interpretation of things. Thanks!
  14. Panserborne

    Korean War

    OK, last minute cramming for the exam tomorrow. One thing I've been wondering is how important/ how relevant the 1943 Cairo Conference was (where the US, UK and China agreed that Korea would be made independent and unified after Japan's defeat). Because I have one textbook basically saying Stalin must have been the biggest factor in causing the Korean war, as he declared war on Japan just before Japan surrendered, in order to gain influence in Korea. So the implication is he screwed over all the brilliant plans for peace made in that conference. BUT, then I read other sources about the causes
  15. Quite possibly the most ridiculous thread I've read all week. Take that as a compliment if you will....
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