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  1. So for my math ia, I want to test whether gender and taste preference have a relationship, and what that relationship is if there is one. For the data collection, I'm doing a blind taste test with three different types of cookies and then having the participants rank them from favorite to least favorite. I know that for analyzing the data, I'm going to test the chi squared. But other than that, I can't really think of any ways to evaluate it aside from throwing the data into bar graphs for visual aid. Help?
  2. Hi, my group did their project on the variation of pH of creek water in 3 different altitudes. I was wondering what sort of processing I can include in this section? Please help, it's due tomorrow! We didn't know we had to do a lab write-up until today. Thanks so much.
  3. By information missing, I just mean the ends of sentences cut off, so the pages look disconnected. It's usable, just not preferable. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I found the photocopied version (http://step.psy.cmu.edu/articles/Neisser.pdf) but it's hard to read and some information is missing. Can anyone find an online/text version of it? Thanks so much.
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