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  1. Chemistry HL Biology HL English b HL Economics SL Swedish SL Maths SL Skype: Noob_master
  2. If it says "a grade of 4 or more" is required in english a1 or a2. Is it the same as a 4 or better in English B?
  3. I chose my math exploration topic but don't really what to write. "how long will it take to sail 50 nautical miles with a windspeed of 11 m/s" If you guys have any advice on how you would conduct the exploration and how to start, I would be extremely grateful! (do not take physics)
  4. Do IB students have to take the IELTS test to apply to an Australian university?
  5. Hi guys As we are in the IB program, lack of motivation is a common issue. I thought that we could create a thread where people write their motivational stories, such as "Raised my grades from 25-34" etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be about yourself, so if you've heard something motivational and are willing to post it here, I'm sure someone will read it and take advantage from it!
  6. Hi guys! My subjects: Chemistry HL Biology HL English B HL Economics SL Swedish SL Maths SL How do you think I should arrange my schedule every day, for example; 30min chemistry, 30min BIology, 20min English etc... I am struggling a lot with chemistry and Biology but not sure how much time I have to spend to get a 5 in them. How did your daily schedule look when you did the IB? Best Regards
  7. Hi guys! My final year is about to start in a few weeks and I'm getting more and more nervous about this. I am pretty disappointed with my grades this far: Maths - 5 Economics - 6 English b HL - 5 Biology HL - 4 Chemistry HL - 4 Swedish A1 - 4 Total 28/45 I want to get 35 or more but am afraid that it will be too difficult for me. A big issue is my vocabulary and fluency in speaking, since English isn't my first language. English b is fairly easy and the teacher said I could get a 7 with some practice. The problem is the other subjects where I don't want my fluency in English to be a contr
  8. I need urgent help with my extended essay. I haven't started with my lab and school is soon about to start. I have been talking to my supervisor and she said that I could take pondweed and put it in 5 different buckets with different PH values. Does anyone know how pondweed reacts and whether there will be a difference in the growth after 3 weeks? Do I need somethinig special or is it just regular water that will make it grow? I am planning to take before and after pictures and see if the difference is visual. Furthermore I'm going to weigh the pondweed and pray that a difference in weight wi
  9. banned because i got my grades today...
  10. Banned because. You should give me your most precious advice.
  11. Banned because I want to be done with IB!!
  12. Banned because I should be studying!!
  13. Banned because. you're done with IB, how does it feel??
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