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  1. Hey guys, We wrote like 8-9 lab reports as the HL Chemistry class since last year, but I don't know how many of them will be submitted to the IB. I looked for it in the chemistry guide and couldn't find it there either. Do you know something about this? Thanks a lot!
  2. Persepolis, 1984, Things Fall Apart and The Picture of Dorian Gray
  3. Hello everyone! So, I want to buy a Psychology HL study guide. I found 2 different books. One of them is Oxford Study Guide and the other one is OSC Guide. Is there anyone who used them? Do you think they are helpful? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello! I need to do a written assignment for part 2, which is language and mass communication. I am thinking about choosing an event and presenting it from two newspaper articles that have opposing point of views. Do you think it works? Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone!! I have taken Psychology as a pre-IB course in 2012 but didn't take it in my Diploma Programme. While doing some university research this summer, I realized that I can actually study psychology as a minor, maybe. Moreover, I am currently taking HL Math, which is a challenging one for me. After all, I'd like to ask you if it's too late to switch from HL Math to HL Psychology? I think I can handle it when I remind myself that I already took it before and passed it with a very good score while enjoying it; but I still cannot make sure when I consider that IB is a 2-year program. A
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