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  1. NJ0330

    History IA

    Hi, Feminism is a great theme to work around. So good choice on that... However, you need a minimum of 4 books that can act as sources, both primary and secondary, for your IA. Writing 2000 words would be difficult without an effective summary of evidence. I do not know too much about Barbie history and so, i found it doubtful that there would be more than 4 historical books on the matter. BUT, I really don't know too much about it. A friend of mine did her IA on Coco Chanel advanced women's rights. Thats following your theme of Feminism. I mentioned this because she got a 7 in her History HL
  2. I don't think this is a very detailed topic. It seems to be very open ended. Also, it seems a lot more like a topic that I would pick for an IA than for an Ext. Essay. However, if you do want your extended essay to revolve around this topic, I suggest you be more precise. Instead of - "In what ways did change in American Leadership during WW2 escalate tension between the United States and Soviet Union?" Maybe you could use - "To what extent did (insert name of American Leader) escalate tension between US and USSR, as part of the cold war, between (Insert the time period you are looking int
  3. Well I myself did not get into UWC. however, a really close friend of mine did, and we applied together, so I know how it works. Both of us did the IGCSE and got ICE certificates, with a distinction in the IGCSE. I got 5 A*s whereas he got 6 A*s. I would have gotten in if I had concentrated on extracurricular activities as well as academics, but I have to say, I had not planned my 2 years of 9th and 10th grade very well, so other than academics, i did not have much to pride myself on. My friend, however, was in the school rugby, football, and tennis teams, participated in numerous MUNs all o
  4. Alright, thank you so much! yeah, NLS Bangalore is where i'm trying to get into. Thank you so much! I'll do some more research about this.
  5. On this website, under the search box, there's a bar of options that say "forums", "members", "calenders", "files" and "Links" click on Links, and go to option of History! You might find what you need.
  6. It is really difficult getting into UWC. you need almost a perfect score, so obviously, its pretty clear that studying there would require quite a lot of work, and honestly, would be quite hectic. UWC is all about all round development, so if just academic achievement is your goal, you probably wouldn't do too well at UWC. an example of this is the fact that UWC Pune is hosting the MUN on 12th-14th of October, which I am attending. so its a Lot more than just academics. its about a balance between academics and extra curricular activities. however, the level of academics and the quality of it
  7. I am considering taking up one of them as a future career, but I'm not too sure about which to pick as of yet. I'm not too great with Commerce in comparison with how i am with International relations... but my career choice basically depends on which has a greater scope. I am personally interested more in International and Trade law, but have been advised by many to take up Corporate law. and another question is - what would be better? Doing my Undergrad in India (where i currently study, and where i am from) or doing it overseas? My career counselor, who is from USA and another counselor who
  8. Take English HL! if you do, I could relate, because we would have the same HLs, and I'm quite horrible with Math too. So i took up Math SL! But this also depends on your college requirements. if they require you to take HL in Math - for example if you are getting into a completely commerce based career and are planning on getting into Top colleges like the Ivy league, It would be necessary to take up Math HL. But if you were taking up Law, or a Humanities based career (like me, as i am doing International and trade law ; Humanities + Economics), it would be more helpful to take up english HL,
  9. You dont need Biology, so there isn't any point in taking it, now is there? If you love Music, go ahead and take it! It might be necessary to think about what your parents want you to take, but in this case, it is pretty illogical to take it up. Music, on the other hand has it's advantages. It wont go for a waste, like biology would, and colleges might actually acknowledge it. So seriously, Take music!
  10. Woah, that schedule is hectic. My question is - Which would you consider to have a greater scope ; International and Trade Law, or Corporate Law?
  11. Why don't you try the links that are given on this website? also, try http://store.ibo.org/download/20centuryhistorysamplepages.pdf I hope this helps. I just started IB a month ago, and this really helped me for my tests and oral presentations.
  12. I suggest you take it as an SL at first, and as you get used to it and understand the work load and your capacity, you can move it to an HL subject. 4 HLs is quite a lot of work, and you do not want to bite off more than you can chew, especially since you are just beginning with your IB junior's programme. Just start off with it as SL, and then later, when you think you can handle it, move it to HL!
  13. absolutely love the idea! is it possible to use this for CAS and CAS ideas too? that would be great! either way, whether it can be used to help for CAS or not, I am interested.
  14. Am I the only one that feels that ESS is the most boring subject of them all? to top it all off, i start the week with it... well at least i get to catch up on my sleep.
  15. thank you so much. i might take you up on that offer if I really need help, which is pretty likely. and wow! Mathematics 7?! i predicted myself a 5! good job
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