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  1. It's an interesting question, but it's very specific. Will you be able to find enough research to write the EE? If you do find enough research, there's no harm in going ahead with it. If not, you could try modify your research question slightly, depending on the sort of research you find. As for the university interview, I don't think you should write the EE based on that. Just do it on what interests you. 'How political leaders psychologically influence the public for their own self gain' doesn't really sound like an EE worthy question to me. It's sort of vague, and you may not be able to f
  2. The normative and social influence stuff is relevant, but I think it's better to mention the Asch paradigm and the other points in the mark scheme. Since it's a 22 mark question, you should probably talk about everything, but focus more on Asch (And perhaps Moscovici and Lage 1973).
  3. Mine was independent groups, and the data was ordinal so I used the Mann Whitney U. Apparently I could have also used the independent T test. So check again to figure out whether your data is ordinal or not. Also, look for others who've done a similar experiment and see what they did with their data.
  4. I haven't taken either, but to my understanding, for IB Music you need to have some prior knowledge of music theory. You need to be able to apply it, and also be able to play an instrument. IB Film might not require as much prior knowledge. Go through the subject guides to figure out whether or not you want to take the course.
  5. What do you mean format it? I did mine the intro-body-conclusion way, answering the second question (The hammer analogy). Im not sure if there's a specific format that must be followed, but I'm fairly certain it has to be a formal essay. Look at some examples online, that should help you understand how it needs to be. Maybe start off by stating the knowledge issue(s) and in the paragraphs that follow, you can elaborate on them, discus real life examples and mention the WOKs and AOKs.
  6. You could study the Stage Directions of Plays and discuss them in detail. I don't know how you'd put it in a short film, but maybe compare a play and a movie? Or how plays have evolved over time. Thats all I can think of.
  7. How are both articles related? You could find one common knowledge issue that applies to both, and then AOKs and WOKs that you could talk about in the presentation. Also think of other real life situations that you can apply this knowledge issue to.
  8. Why don't you start with factors that affect temperature change or something? You might be able to narrow it down from there, for each science. As for sport science, I have no idea what that is, but you can look at the weather having an effect on sportsmen... Im not sure though, I'm just coming up with random things you could experiment.
  9. Are we supposed to have 4 written tasks, with one for each part of the course? So, one task on part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4?
  10. Thanks for the thorough response Sher Khan.. I checked a few other forums and apparently a couple of other people have done a purely research based project and they were fine. So I guess I'm ok as of now. But I'd still appreciate if someone could confirm this. AND, could you elaborate on what you mean externally marked? If I present my project to my school, how does the IB grade it again? Do they just look at what grade I got and leave it at that?
  11. I'm working on my IB group 4 project right now from the Biological aspect. We're looking at water pollution and my subtopic is natural ways of treating waste water. Even though this is a very interesting topic, I couldn't do an experiment. My teacher suggested that I just make a model of some water purification method using plants and the rest of my project can be a sort of survey based on examples where people used plants to purify water. My question is, can I do this? I don't have a real experiment, I just do a survey to compare and evaluate other people's case studies. Plus make a model.
  12. Im probably really late, but if it helps, you can write a letter to the poet or a diary entry as the mariner. We haven't done any WT1s on poems so this is new territory for me too, but since you don't have sufficient time just write something creative, involving the poem. Diary entry seems alright.
  13. Never mind, it's sorted. Not sure how to delete posts.
  14. I would think of memory as more of a cognitive process than a behaviour. Although memory can affect behaviour, I don't know if it's actually classified as a behaviour.
  15. Hey there. Im doing psych HL right now and Im also looking for ways to learn the studies cause there are HEAPS. I think I have a good way to learn them up though. First pick at least 2 main studies from each topic (For example, for the topic of neurotransmitters you can pick two major studies) and them make your own notes on those studies. I would write down the Name of researchers and Year that it was conducted in, Aim, Procedure, Conclusion and It's also VERY important to know the ethical considerations for that study, whether it's mentioned in the textbook or not. Organise these points
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