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  1. wow, you're doing the exact same lab i did! with exactly the same variables! i think you should visit this link >>>>> http://www.ibbriner.com/statistics-in-labs1.html <<<<< it has everything about statistics in making a biology lab report. You can't really calculate the uncertainty for percentage but you can work out how much glucose is in the bottle, change its unit then you can put in the uncertainty of the data. And for the last part, im not sure but i think it would be in ppm, depends on what you're using to measure the carbon produced, if analog then divide t
  2. I do, and i write them too :3 i don't really read HP fanfictions but i read yaoi and anime/manga fanfictions. But yeah, i believe there are a lot of people out there who do read fanfictions as a way to procrastinate.
  3. my biology teacher told me that in DP you don't need to put in a hypothesis, is that right or is my teacher wrong?
  4. so, is it possible for me to change from chem to bio now?
  5. what if i change my topic to enzymatic browning of apple? is that possible?
  6. I was thinking of doing an EE on Preservation technique to prevent browning of apples but my teacher said it was too simple and too biology-ish, is there a way that i can change this topic to fit chemistry?
  7. i'm looking for a topic to do my EE on and right now i am thinking of doing something along the line of looking at which enzymes and chemicals are in the so called health tablet sold in thailand and whether they are actually beneficial for the user i really want to know whether this topic is any good or not please tell me!
  8. i take Literature HL and i have a really big problem... How does one write a commentary? i really do not understand how to structure the commentary can someone please explain to me how to structure it. Thank you in advance!
  9. i'd like to be your friend thank you, if possible everyone's friend
  10. I'm not so sure where this is going, haha. That's a really good point. Right now I'm just trying to get opinions on this and decide whether or not i'm able to do this project. Also, interested in joining or watching? definitely joining! CAS or not this is way too interesting and fun to miss!
  11. where ever this is going... i'm really interested..
  12. Try printing a calendar for the month and list every subject you need to do in order of priority every day. When I had this time management dilemma a year ago to prepare for IGCSE, I did challenge myself as such: cumulating 100 hours in 6 months at home to work on my stuffs and make a track out of it every single hour by rewarding my self a star and put it in a transparent box. Then once I collected 100 stars, I rewarded myself. You can try that too, maybe it can keep you enthusiastic (it works for me ) Good luck! Thank you very much! i'll try it out!
  13. when i do work on the roll i usually use pdf to go (android) and the standard polaris office, it hink i's extremely good for editing your work when your computer is dead and the i upload my works up to dropbox
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