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  1. 1. buy new one 2. use it on test 3. return to store the next day 4. ???????? 5. PROFIT
  2. Thank you so much. These are the two topics we were taught at my school as well. Well written, just as I would have organized them. Thanks again Charlotte
  3. "Communism in Crisis 1976–8" should read "Communism in Crisis 1976–89" but great guide! Thanks!
  4. The way these papers are graded is significantly different from the methods with which, say, English papers are graded. When reviewing the History exams, readers have set items that receive marks. As long as you include these items in your essay, you'll receive credit. That being said, another facet of the criterion is writing your essay with an effective structure and in coherent language. The length of your writing will not help or hurt you (unless you are woefully brief, at the extreme, of course). However, in an effort to put your mind at rest (because I personally hate when a responder do
  5. Best thing I've ever read. Thank you for taking the time to make this.
  6. Prescription-only Adderall and its chemical relatives (Vyvanse, Concerta, Dexadrine...) have been the source of widespread debate in colleges everywhere as more and more students are using such medications to treat ADD/ADHD on a daily basis. However, Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder is not a communicable disease nor an epidemic, so although legal prescriptions are increasing exponentially every year, it can be reasonably inferred that these are not all legitimate cases of ADD/ADHD. After all, the only way to diagnose the condition is through an easily-faked behavior test with a psych
  7. I did have a life when my grades were subpar and included 2 C's in my two years of Pre-IB. However, when I visited colleges and realized where I REALLY want to be with my life, I stopped playing Halo until 2AM and dicking around aimlessly on the internet for hours. I also had to cut out some time with my friends during the weekdays. But, in doing all of that, I handily got all A's in IB, including HL math/chem/history/english. Not only that, I went from despising chemistry and history, thinking "When will I ever use this?" to enjoying both of them. I actually do enjoy learning now, and that's
  8. Your teacher is absolutely right. Schools like Johns Hopkins University are noticing and catering to this, with the creation of a special mix program between the two majors; it's advertised as giving an engineering mindset to a future financial power player. Around the end of your college career, you could expect to have the upper edge in applying for internships for major financial institutions, such as the bulge bracket investment banks like Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley. You'd have an exponentially improved chance for consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. At the investment banks, y
  9. Biology because of its memorization component would make it the most unappealing in my opinion, but to each their own. Chemistry isn't that far off from SL, and Maths HL is harder for sure, but I took both Chem HL and M HL and was able to do well on both. It is less about knowing material for math than it is about applying concepts, and you will need to do further work on your own (invest in Math Questionbank from IBO, or just do some clever Googling).
  10. The 8/9 hour sleepers are irregular, to be honest. You have to realize that these are the types of IB superstars that actually know what IBSurvival is
  11. Speak your calculator's language proficiently. Learn the functions of your calculator like it is a part of your textbook. It will get you out of many questions that you can't solve on your own. The TI-Nspire CX, for example, has a function available in test mode nsolve(). It will solve any entire function for x. The specific calculator is also great because it's full keyboard and digital screen allow me to type everything quickly and revise and review quickly as well. It was definitely worth the extra cost over a TI-XX and they are not even expensive anymore if purchased used from eBay, etc.
  12. Dead God; over $220 USD for a book that should probably be public domain (if the International Baccalaureate Communists wanted to truly help us out). That's insanity. Luckily some generous souls are "offering" it through other means, so I'll consider taking advantage of that. Thank you, Sandwich.
  13. At the risk of sounding ignorant... Where can I find this question bank? I'm always looking for more practice with HL math before tests.
  14. And even then, a screenshot and crop will make your image into a mere copy in less than a minute. In reality, there is no way at all.
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