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  1. Hey all, I am an european student, but have been studying in the UK for the past 4 years. In my IB (2013 may) I chose English Lit+Lang A HL and achieved a grade 6. Now my question is the following: When applying to UK universities I got a conditional offer. The condition is IELTS 6.5. Shouldn't be a problem, but I always though that a grade 6 in English A would make this unnecessary. Am I right? Thank you!
  2. thank you guys! Well I kind of have.. but from the EU will this make a difference?
  3. Hi guys, I just got my results a few weeks ago. I know this sounds crazy; I have a total of 33 from the core - still pending the remarks though. I decided to spend a year in china to improve my chinese skills (did chinese ab.) after that I'd like to read Oriental studies at Oxford. Now I know, that my grades are much lower than what they reacquire, but do you think it is still worth giving it a try? Thanks
  4. sorry I am taking both german and english a and was wondering if I will automatically be awarded an bilingual diploma or does my school need to enter me specifically? thanks
  5. Hi All, my school is new to the IB and I am a little unsure about the IA deadlines set by the IBO. Ie. when they need the work. Please could you help me out! Thank you so much! !
  6. hey guys, I was just wandering if anyone of you had any past papers for mandarin ab initio. I am kind of stuck trying to get hold of some. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, my school is new to the ib and so everything is a little messy My teacher for maths has told us that in the Maths Studies exam there would be some questions that don't allow the use of the GDC calculator. Is that so?? Thanks )
  8. St Andrews Loughborough Cass (City) York De Montfort
  9. Offers from: Cass Management York Management Loughborough Retail Mgt. De Montfort (Backup) Retail Mgt. and I am still waiting for St Andrews to get back to me re Ma (undergrad) Management :/ anyone here in the same situation?
  10. Thanks for the help! Well I'm ok with it! But up to what book should I work?
  11. hey guys, i am the first IB senior at my school and the only one doing Mandarin ab initio. I am practising my written tasks at the moment. Do you guys know what level they are expected to be? Thanks )
  12. hey I'd advise you to get hold of an english textbook for the course. As far as I know the syllabus should be the same, as is the structure. If you want a book that is specific to the subject check out the Chinese Made Easy series!!
  13. Hey I have chosen this title and have made a first draft. However i am not very happy with it and would now like to change my dealing with the AoKs. I was thinking about choosing the arts and the human/nat. sciences with examples that a piece of art does not carry an ethical responsibility alone but may get it in connection to its context. i.e.: that a photo of a starving child may carry an ethical responsibility. for the sciences I was thinking about doctors and maybe even Einsten I'd be greatful for help!!!
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