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  1. Yeah, that's good. Just maybe change "why" depending on your research and experiment. Are you going to be looking for answers to "why" or focusing more on the difference? If you are focusing on "why" then it's good
  2. No problem! I did a similar lab before. In your RQ, add what type of habitat you'll be comparing. My teacher gave me one tip about RQs, "make it as specific as you possibly can!" Every time you edit it, try to see if there is anything else you can specify. Other than that, your experiment makes sense as long as you have the proper equipment to measure everything. Just make sure that you are NOT researching the soil pH (this is your independent variable aka the one you change). And decide if you want to research the specific nutrients in soil, presence of certain plants, or the population of
  3. Going from this RQ, your independent variable is the soil pH and dependent is nutrients in soil available to plants? Hmm.. you might want to make it more detailed. What nutrients? What kind of plant (this also specifies soil)? If you tell me more about the lab, maybe I can help! Good luck
  4. Oh yes it's working now! Just one question: Do you want me to add both arm lengths?
  5. Definitely work on your time management skills! Try out different techniques and figure out what works for you- lists, calendars, or something else? I felt just how you feel right now at the beginning of IB, but I'm in grade 12 and it's not as bad as you might imagine (or I have just gotten better at managing my time). I didn't get any spares last year or this year, so I guess that's a drawback..but I guess I'm used to it now. Good luck
  6. Volunteer at the hospital (which is actually fun), workout, Tumblr, Netflix, and cook once in a while!
  7. Something to do with culture and values? Maybe incorporate WOKs such as emotion and reason (depending on your research)? Good luck!
  8. At my school, I have to work towards the IB Diploma and the general provincial diploma. So I have to write double the diploma exams. We have the same classes for the subjects though. So, for example, I have Physics. In Physics, we learn the general curriculum and the extra IB stuff. Most teachers, usually, star/highlight the IB stuff. So when I get an assignment or a test in class, it goes towards my general mark. And when I get an IB assignment or essay, it goes towards my IB mark. For example, a general lab write-up vs. an IB lab write-up. Some of the stuff is fairly different, but I'm learn
  9. Thank you to all of you! I truly appreciate it. And err, I'm still confused about HL and SL. My coordinator has organized everything :/ I do extremely well in French, I'm just nervous about English, haha. *However, I'm guessing English is HL and French is SL.
  10. Hey! So I'm going to be starting IB DP very soon, and I still have some questions that I have forgotten to ask the coordinator before vacation (honestly though, I annoy him with 100s of questions). My first, very cliche question: Is IB as tough as people make it out to be? I know it depends on the individual, but I've heard way too many rumours. For example, you can expect your marks to go down 15% (compared to regular classes). I can't find myself to believe that. If I'm willing to put in the effort and manage my time wisely, will I see a definite decrease in my marks? I know the IB marking g
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