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1. General posting in the forums

First and foremost No spamming
In forums such as Chat and its subforums, where the posts do not contribute to your post count, moderators might be more lenient towards spamming, however, do not over do it. The rules hereafter apply to all forums.

Use descriptive thread titles. 
Use specific topics for your thread title. 
Do not use generic titles such as “Biology extended essay” or “need help with EE.” Be as specific as possible.

Do not avoid the swear filter. The swear filter is there for a reason, write what you want and it will filter it out. For example: don't write S**or W***er.

Avoid posting in other languages. The main language of this forum is English. Please do not post in other languages. If post must be in another language always provide translation.
Note: exceptions may be made for foreign language forums.

Search topics before posting. Use the search function before asking a question or posting a new thread. Searching for answers first will minimize duplicate threads and improve responses.

Respect others’ privacy. Do not post other people's personal details, photos or links to their personal sites (e.g. facebook, blogs etc) without their permission. Do not post your own email on the public forum, under any circumstances. 

  • Private Messaging is available for sharing email & outside contact details, when necessary.
  • All participants have the right to refuse to provide contact details.

No advertising or linking to inappropriate sites. You may post links to other sites if it's within the topic of the discussion. However, outright promotion of third party sites is unacceptable and will be removed, especially if the link contains illegal materials.

  • Advertising and inappropriate links will be deleted and person posting the link could be subject to warning or banning from the forum. If you sign up with the sole purpose of advertising, you will be banned. This rule applies to forum posts and any other material relating to the person posting inappropriately on the site, including but not limited to: signature, avatar, private messages and profile information.

Post report: If you find a post that you think break forum rules, or is in anyway rude, disruptive or inappropriate, please use the "Report post" function to alert mods and admin to that post. Don't post in the thread, as mods and admins are not always aware of every single post in the forum. The "Report" button in on the bottom left hand side of the post.

2. Cheating and plagiarism

Do not ask people on here to do your work for you. This means no "Well you're better at it, so why don't you just write it for me?" Simply because it's your work and we are not responsible for doing it for you! Don't bother using PMs either, administrators can view them - thought we respect people's privacy - do don't try being smart and PMing IAs around with the intention to use them as your own. Users who do this will be warned and even banned from the forum.

No cheating. Cheating will be taken very seriously since it could compromise the existence of the forum. If you see any sign of malpractice or academic misconduct in any post or PM, report it immediately to administrators. Do not pass on information about exams you or others have not yet taken. In exam time, the forums will be closely monitored and time zone cheating will not, in any way or form, be tolerated. Offenders will be immediately banned from the forums.

No plagiarism. All the essays provided on this board are for your consultation purposes only. Do not copy them and claim them as your own work. The essays here will show up on the International Baccalaureate Organisation's plagiarism detection services, so you will be caught if you plagiarize.

3. Forum accounts

User names must not imitate any member of the IBSurvival staff, IBSurvival members, websites, dignitaries, registered organisations or companies. Your username cannot contain any profanity. If we deem your username inappropriate, we will contact you and ask you to change it at our own discretion.

Don't try to get around the VIP system. This means do not PM or email administrators and/or members of the VIP group asking them to send/email you files on the forum that you do not yet have access to. VIP members, if you receive these PMs, please report them to administrators.

VIP membership is non-transferable and is for your personal use only. Only one person is allowed to own and make use of each VIP username. We reserve the right to suspend any VIP membership and/or permanently ban the username if we suspect the username in question has been shared by more than one person.

Multiple accounts: There is no reason for us to forbid a member having more than one account/usernames, but all these accounts must be constructive. If we find evidence that a member has made a duplicate account solely for the purpose of causing trouble, breaking rules or posting inappropriate contents, all accounts belonging to that member will be banned.

Do not abuse the reputation system. The reputation system gives you the option of voting (+) or (-) to someone else's post. It can be used as a way to thank people for helpful posts or to disagree with a post. However, this system should not be abused.

Abuse of the reputation system may result in you being denied use of the reputation system, reputation points deducted or your account being banned.

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