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My teacher assigns us essays that answer the learing outcomes in order to practise for paper 1. Usually we have to write them by hand, but we typed the first 11 of them. So here they are. They were the first essays I wrote, and some of them are not so good. Look at my teacher's comments to see how these can be improved. (The essays I write now get from 18/22 to 22/22)

Here are the grades I got:

1. Criterion A- 4/9

Criterion B- 7/9

Criterion C- 4/9

Final grade: 15/22

Comments: "Make sure you always have an example of research done to support your ideas"

2. A- 7/9

B- 3/9

C- 2/4

Grade: 12/22

Comments: " I am not sure if "At first sight" relates directly to the cats. More critical tihnking needed"

3. A-7/9


C 3/4

Grade: 15/22

Comments: "It would be better to choose only 3 research methods you undestand really well and analyze critically (TOK) and give an example of a study"

4. 20/20

5. 12/22 (I only explained one principle that defiines the Cognitive LoA and the question says principleS)

6. A-7/9



Grade: 18/22

Comments: (at the end of the first paragraph) " Why is it ok to do it? What do we learn?"

7. A-4



Grade: 8/22

Comments: "the question says discuss this means you should consider strenghts and limitations"

(at the end of the first paragraph) --> "why is it ok? have the results shown progress in psych as a science? is there any other way?

8. 19/22

(I did essay 9 by hand sry)

10. A-8



Grade: 18/22

11. A-9



Grade: 20/22

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