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Additional Sources

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  1. Psychology IA guide

    Psychology IA guide


  2. chen-et-al (1).pdf

    Chen-et-al  - Sociocultural study


  3. examine_the_role_of_two_cultural_dimensions_on_behaviour-continued.docx



  4. The-Robbers-Cave.pdf

    The-Robbers-Cave - Sociocultural study 


  5. Understanding and using descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel

    This is a informative and detailed guiding document that give explanations and instructions for understanding and using descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel. The file is divided into two parts - The first part explaining concepts and the second part giving instructions for how to use it in Excel. Note that this document only covers for:
    Quartiles Interquartile Range and Semi-Interquartile Range Outlier detection Standard deviation A description for the median will also be explained. As this file is aimed to help those who are doing their Psychology IA there is also a section about how to plot a column chart showing median/mean values with S.D/SIQR as error bars.


  6. Article review: Dreams

    Review of an article on dreams that was issued in Scientific American: Mind. This was assigned psychology homework.


  7. Submitted

  8. IA Checklist

    Psychology IA checklist for different parts of the paper
    Submitted by Tevaerua


  9. The Holy Guide to Writing Psychology IA

    Full guide to writing your IA for SL and HL


  10. Writing Up Investigations

    Psychology SL IA guide explains how to approach each section of the internal assessment
    Submitted by blindpet


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