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Notes and essays for French B and Ab Initio

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  1. Conseils pour commenter une image (French/Français B SL)

    A few tips for the oral section of the French B SL asessment where you need to comment on an image. The document is fully in french!
    Quelques conseils pour la partie orale de l'évaluation de français B SL où vous devez commenter une image. Tout en français!


  2. Texte_A_p92-93._French_B_Oxford

    French comprehension


  3. proverbs



  4. Submitted

  5. french wa practice

    5/6 level french b SL wa


  6. French Tenses and how to use them - French Ab Initio Notes

    A quick cheat sheet to revise the french tenses and how and when to use them. It contains simple tricks to construct one tense from another tense and has a note at the end which summarises the things you need to remember well. 


  7. Une Touriste pas Touristique

    French practice written assignment - grade of 6/7 overall


  8. Submitted

  9. french ab initio syllabules

    good ib French ab initio French syllables


  10. Some Supplementary vocabulary for French AB Initio

    Here are some vocabulary words that I picked up from past papers and elsewhere and seem to be good to know.


  11. Key Essay Expressions

    Want your essay to be sophisticated and 7-level? This document has great key expressions including multiple tenses (conditional, subjunctive) and idioms.
    Used and tested, got me a 7


  12. Les Actualites

    This is a presentation I did for French class about a current event...


  13. Ib French Notes

    Notes on grammer tenses


  14. Vocabulaire

    This Is A List Of French Vocabulary That I Found. Hope It Helps You


  15. French Verbs

    All the verbs you will ever need!!


  16. Notions de la Poésie

    This is a list of important french words and notions for poems. I have narrowed down the important terminology and some literary devices that usually appear in every poem and make it easier to analyze. All this information is taken from my notes in my french class.
    Ceci est une liste, que j'ai crée moi-même à partir des notes, de vocabulaire et quelques notions de la poésie qui sont pertinente à l'anayse des poèmes.


  17. French Vocabulary - Sparknotes

    This file is probably available for free elsewhere, but it's extremely useful.
    It's a collection of basic vocabulary that will not only help French Ab Initio students, but should also help French B students who're a little shaky with their basics.
    What are most useful (in my opinion) are the tables that teach one how to convert common English words to French and vice versa


  18. General list of Verbs and Adjectives

    This is a general list of verbs and adjectives that I had memorised for the IB exam, and I got a 7. These lists that I made for myself were my go-to lists for doing well in French Ab Initio.


  19. French IB Ab Initio Syllabus

    Ab Initio Syllabus (Francais) - useful!


  20. Notes: Present du Subjonctif

    A review of the present du subjonctif. It includes the basics (conjugations and endings), irregular verbs, and some useful vocabulary.


  21. French B SL Individual Oral Transcript

    Transcript for the "presentation" part of an individual oral. Overall oral mark was 25/30.


  22. French Idioms

    List of common French idioms.


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