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  1. China Topic Notes - (May be missing some specific details good for main ideas)

    These are my notes taken on China and it's political, economic and social policies. The first page and a little bit of the second page are good as a table of contents and clicking on a blue link will take you to the notes on that topic within the pdf.


  2. Ib Mao History

    This contains a lot of information that can be very useful to succeed in your exams .If you need explicit quotes to get the top mark make sure you contact me .


  3. Chinese Civil War 1927

    This document explains the cause of the Chinese Civil War (1927)


  4. Great leap forward-peoples communes

    Here are some notes i took on the great leap and specifically communization and the peoples commune, i ended up getting a 7 so I think they are pretty useful 


  5. Japan’s Actions

    japans’s action to war


  6. Japanese expansion



  7. Japanese expansion in asia



  8. Hitler and nazi rearment



  9. Italian and German expansion



  10. Causes and effects of the Chinese Civil War and the Spanish Civil

    This is a note I have made for my exam preparation. It includes the causes and effects of both the Spanish Civil War and the Chinese Civil War. There is also a comparison between causes and effects of the two Civil Wars.


  11. China in Crisis

    This document contains my personal notes, class notes and developed arguments for the China section of the unit "Communism in Crisis" from the IB Companion. The notes are organized chronologically, and within the chronological order, the points and arguments are organized thematically.


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