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  1. Cell Biology

    very detailed notes, to aid understanding


  2. Biology essay questions

    Extremely helpful sample answers for common ib questions, helps in learning how to write concise answers. 


  3. Biology IA HL in Spanish. Lactose Intolerance // Intolerancia a la lactosa

    Este trabajo es del tipo de bases de datos y consiguió una puntuación bastante buena (18/24, lo que es un 6, solo a dos puntos del 7). La pregunta que debía contestar era "¿Hay una relación entre el consumo de leche entera (kg/cápita/año) de 24 países diferentes y la incidencia de malabsorción de lactosa (LM) en los años 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 y 2013?". Es de nivel superior.
    This IA is a database type and got a pretty good score (18/24, which is a 6, only two points behind 7). The question I had to answer was "Is there a relation between the consumption of whole milk (kg / capita / year) of 24 different countries and the incidence of lactose malabsorption (ML) in the years 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 ? ". It's high level.


  4. HL Biology IA

    23/24 points, the mark was lost in the communication section due to lack of concision.


  5. Cell Division Review Questions.docx

    Cell Division Review Questions.docx


  6. Cell Ultrastructure Review Questions.docx

    Cell Ultrastructure Review Questions.docx


  7. Membrane Structure Review Questions.docx

    Membrane Structure Review Questions.docx


  8. Membrane Transport Review Questions.docx

    Membrane Transport Review Questions.docx


  9. Origin of Cells Review Questions.docx

    Origin of Cells Review Questions.docx


  10. Bio IA 87% with feedback 2017

    This is a bio IA written in 2017 which scored 87%. It has feedback written on it by the marker.


  11. 5.3 Classification of Biodiversity

    Some notes of 5.3 Classification of Biodiversity


  12. Topic 2 (Biology SL)

    Notes for revision/studying on topic 2 for Biology SL students. They follow very closely with assessment statements on the topic.


  13. IB Biology HL (Photosynthesis and Respiration)

    It is a very good and clear presentation covering the chapter from HL of Biology - photosynthesis and respiration. However maybe not all the material is present in this presentation. Only this 2 processes are explained with diagrams, colorful images and animations. For some the language used could be found too scientific but with the aids of animations everything will be clearly understood.
    To view the presentation:
    open the file > click F5 > enable the content > right click > play > and start learning.


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