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Notes on the history of the Americas

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  1. Hacking(Roof and Tunnel)

    A brief document about Roof and Tunnel hacking 


  2. Hacking(Roof and Tunnel)

    Brief Summary of Roof and Tunnel hacking 


  3. Nazi Germany timeline (1933-1945)

    Summary timeline of happenings in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945 for history of the Americas 


  4. La definición de la revolución

    La definición de la revolución


  5. Why did reconstruction fail?

    Here is a short essay explaining why both the North and South were to blame for reconstruction failing.


  6. Great Depression in USA

    An extended outline of the Causes and Effects of the Great Depression, mostly on US domestic policy


  7. American Revolution Historiography

    A short note about the historiography surrouding the American Revolution and the different schools of thoughts existing around the subject from early 1900s to 2000s


  8. US-Latin American relations (early 20th century)

    Attached are some notes from Benjamin Keen's textbook on US-Latin American relations, and their development, in the early 20th century primarily.


  9. Notes on mid-to-late 20th century US Presidents

    Attached are notes on US Presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, and Johnson.
    Some are more detailed and extensive than others.
    Hope they prove useful!


  10. US Civil War Notes

    Just found some old notes on my school folder from when I did History of the Americas in IB History.
    They're my detailed notes on the American Civil War. Hope you find them useful!


  11. Mexican Revolution Summary - History HL Americas

    This is a complete summary of the mexican revolution, it includes all of the most important events that happened and a brief discussion of each major character involved in this hystorical event.


  12. How did the McCarthyism affect the American Society in the 1950s

    How did the McCarthyism affect the American Society in the 1950s. Hiatory assignment. Got 5.


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