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Language A2 Pre-2013

Notes and sample essays of IB Language A2 subjects, language course for students of near-fluency.These are still useful for you to learn how to write and structure literature analysis, however they are not relevant to the current syllabus criteria.

When uploading, please indicate clearly in the title which language.

10 files

  1. Language and Literature Guide (2015~) Mandarin Version

    The official guide for Language A - Language and Literature, Mandarin Version.


  2. Preambule elements

    This is the preambule guide for the IB French SL travail ecrit external assessment. All you need to know for the 100 word rationale (SL) at the end of your writing.


  3. English A2 Written Task - Catcher in the Rye - Ackleys View

    An older WT that I had to polish up to be submitted to the IBO, didn't end up using it as it was just too long.
    It's based on 'Catcher in the Rye' and basically retells part of a chapter, from Robert Ackley's view.
    Word count is about 950.


  4. Comparative Commentary Example

    This is an example of a Comparative Commentary. At school, I've got a 6 out of 7.


  5. IB Chinese Word List Review

    These are words which will help IB HL Students when preparing for the exams. We were told to memorize these words to help us for the external exams.


  6. English Written Task (Pygmalion)

    This is a propaganda article that I wrote for my english class with a rationale after I read Pygmalion in class.


  7. English A2 HL Written task 2

    This is the second written task.
    It's a speech/opinion column in a teenage magazine about a teenager writing about immigants. (She's an immigrant herself)
    Designed to look like pages from teenage magazine.
    The two were given a grade 6 by IBO (36)


  8. English A2 HL Written task 1

    This is the first one, done about the book HIROSHIMA.
    It's a letter from one of them survivors of the atomic bomb to the US Army.
    The two were given a grade 6 by IBO (36)


  9. Submitted

  10. Teacher Support Material for Language A2

    All the teacher support material for A2 languages.


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